Wildlife Conservation Photojournalism - Shark Warrior
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Wildlife Conservation Photojournalism Internship

A hands-on wildlife & adventure photography safari and conservation experience based in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town, South Africa. This is much more than a volunteer program, this is an African Adventure of a lifetime, combining wildlife photography, adventure photography and environmental journalism, helping you to become the VOICE FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK!

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to become the window through which the world will view Africa’s wildlife, both land and sea, using both images and the written word – an image might speak a thousand words, but combining informative, well-written articles with your images will enrich public understanding of environmental issues.

You will work closely with a leading conservationist, Lesley Rochat, founder and CEO of the organisation, AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, learning from her and her select photography assistants, assisting to capture images and stories that will help the AfriOceans to achieve its goals in raising global awareness about critical environmental issues. The organisation focuses on educating the general public and winning support through compelling education and awareness initiatives, and your images and stories will become meaningful contributions in raising global awareness.

Lesley will share her knowledge and skills acquired over two decades of being a conservationist, those which have contributed toward her success, and that of her organisation. You will learn valuable skills from her in information-gathering, storytelling, as well as in the art of wildlife and adventure photography while in the field, whether face to face with a gentle giant African elephant, or face down snorkelling with Cape Fur Seals in the Atlantic Ocean.

This course is like no other internship – you will have one-on-one tuition from a leading conservationist who will deliver her promise of making this course an adventure of a lifetime. You will be staying in The Shark House campus situated across the road from the Glencairn Beach, with stunning ocean views, your home away from home.


23-27 days 18+ age Cape Town, South Africa

False Bay is 30km (18 miles) from Cape Town, South Africa, place of the majestic Table Mountain, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Cape Town is also rated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

False Bay, which falls within the Cape Peninsula, is home to many endemic species of animals and plants. It includes the Fynbos, the smallest of six Floral Kingdoms in the world, found nowhere else in the world.

The Shark House Campus, situated across the road from the beach in Glencairn, a small coastal area in False Bay, is your home. This 2-storey house has spectacular sea views overlooking False Bay and is a stones throw away from local restaurants and other social venues.

AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, the non profit organisation Lesley founded, is also based in False Bay. Some activities and lectures will be run from the Shark House Campus while others will be run from the AfriOceans office, which operates from the Shark Warrior Adventure Centre, situated on the waters edge at Seaforth, Simonstown in False Bay.


  • All tuition
  • Accommodation with sea views, sharing
  • Transfers
  • African penguin tour
  • Kelp forest/gully shark snorkelling safari
  • Southern Right Whale watching (seasonal)
  • BIG 5 African wildlife safari
  • Guided hike up Lions Head
  • Guided tour of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
  • Cape Point Tour and guided hike
  • Guided African Penguin Tour
  • Culture and community field trips
  • Shark Warrior Adventure Centre ecotourism participation
  • Sea kayaking or Stand Up Paddling


  • Flights
  • Weekend activities (ziplinning, surfing, rock climbing etc.)
  • Transport for weekend activities
  • Extra days accommodation & food
  • Transfers not part of course arrival and departure date
Becca Mcinnis
Student, USA

This chance is truly one in a million, and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I got to experience so many amazing things that truly can’t be seen anywhere else. Lastly; thank you Lesley, for giving us this wonderful opportunity to come and share your world. You do amazing work to help animals, and I intend to put the knowledge you’ve given me to good use. I will continue to photograph animals and give them the voice that they deserve, and to carry on your legacy.

Lauren Rice
Student, USA

The internship itself is run by world renowned Shark conservationist Lesley Rochat, the CEO of AfriOceans Conservation Alliance and Shark Warrior and let me tell you the more I learn about how she's gotten where she is, the more of myself I see in her. We spent 4 weeks learning daily about photography, environmental journalism, wildlife conservation, and about the sharks themselves. Each day I find myself that much more in tune with my camera equipment, my writing and my self. The journey has only just begun, and I know it will be one for the books.

Cassandra Ratcliff
Student, USA

This is why my internship was so valuable. It challenged me. It caused me to grow. It refused to let that fire fade underneath my behind because there is a sense of urgency that needs to be had. During my internship, Lesley taught me something more valuable than I ever could’ve imagined. My own ego, fears, insecurities, issues…whatever they may be…do not matter. I was often challenged with my writing while in Africa, finding it hard to put my thoughts to paper and questioning whether or not I could actually become an environmental journalist after all. I psyched myself out, my inspiration and creativity vanished as my anxiety took over. My own frustrations and fears got in the way of becoming a voice for those who cannot speak. This was not okay. The environment needed me and I was letting it down. Thanking God for this amazing opportunity that has truly changed my life and prepared me to become the voice for those who cannot speak.

Rachel Hildebrand
Student, USA

This whole internship has been an experience I will carry with me forever. I currently have one full day left of this amazing African adventure and I’m not sure how exactly I can put into words exactly how I feel in my soul about it all. I was extremely nervous coming into this trip. Traveling half way across the world for days on end alone was a very daunting task, but I did it. And with that feeling of finally finding my way to The Shark House in Glencairn South Africa, my soul and mind have been changed forever. I have been opened to a whole new world of experiences. I have totally and completely fallen in love with this country. Over the past three weeks, I have grown and shaped into a new person. I feel I have become even more in tune with nature and all its amazing beings. I have seen things many people dream of and never have the chance to experience. I have even been open to a whole new world of exploration for my career.

Chris Moorman
Student, USA

This internship has lived up to my expectations and then some. I learned things about photography I never even knew existed, how to spin my writing to convey my own views while still reporting the facts, and most importantly, I learned how to get out of my comfort zone. I would highly recommend this internship to any and everyone who is looking to gain hands on experience from one of the best photographers and conservationists that there is, regardless of their skill level.

Danielle Puleo
Student, USA

I had an amazing time here in South Africa. This was an experience of a lifetime and I know I am now a stronger, smarter and better prepared traveler. I loved every second of the trips, and I made some great friends that are going to go far in life.” My love and passion for conserving the wildlife of our world has grown so much after seeing first-hand what they go through and just how precious they are to our world. I think the pictures speak for themselves – I smile every time I think about seeing how African penguins are taken in and brought back to health, and how there are preservations that ensure the safety of wild animals such as lions, elephants and rhinos. My heart was so full after swimming alongside the playful seals and looking over the top of Cape Point, where two seas merge together and become one

Chris Carlan
Student, USA

Being thrown into another culture and way of life wasn’t at all a shock for me, it was a love. The purity of the food, the distinct difference in the people, and the unrecognizable language flowing around me. All so foreign, yet so perfect. Just thinking about Glencairn, the Shark House, and my trip overall, makes me one of the happiest people on planet Earth. The feeling is indescribable. It is hard to convey a place or a feeling without being a part of the experience.

Heather Fischer
Student, USA

Such an incredible experience filled with friendships and memories I’ll hold on to forever. Thank you Lesley for all you have done for us. You are an inspiration.

Shelby Barker
Student, USA

Now, what I didn’t think I was joining this course to learn about, was myself. I did not expect that this course would empower me in ways unimaginable. Lesley Rochat’s course far exceeded my expectations. Lesley and her course helped me unlock myself to the universe. I am finally allowing God’s creativity to flow through me. A tremendous heap of relief, I have finally found myself again.Thanks to our wonderful teacher we have grown in ways that most of us never imagined! Thanks for such an awesome Course, it truly was an adventure of a lifetime and I’ve learned so much!

Taylor Duck
Student, USA

I have learned an incredible amount here on my internship, made long-lasting friendships, and promised myself lifetime of commitment to wildlife conservation. Thank you Lesley Rochat for your effort to give us the confidence to face and report about the great white shark! Shark Warrior till the end!

Alexia Woerner
Student, USA

I came in to the internship not only with no expectations but also not knowing what I wanted to do after college at all. This internship opened my eyes to something I’m really interested in and pointed me in a direction of possible jobs to look at in the future, which is more than could have ever asked for in an internship. I can’t believe the month is over, I wish I didn’t have to leave, it’s not goodbye forever, it’s goodbye for now. I’ll be back. Thank you Lesley Rochat for teaching us everything this month, it’s been a blast.

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