Cape Town Fun Dives - Shark Warrior
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Fun SCUBA Dives in Cape Town

Explore the magical kelp forests of False Bay on our shore-entry fun dives as well as boat-based dives. Booking is essential and all dives are weather and visibility dependent – we will confirm on the morning of your booking.

Boat-based SCUBA Dives

Please inquire about our boat-based dives – dives sites depend on conditions and change daily. CONTACT US

Shore-entry SCUBA Dives

Operating from our Shark Warrior Adventure Centre, we offer the following  shore-entry options:

1. Seaforth Kelp Forest Safari

  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Price: R900
  • Certification: Open Water One

2. Seal and Kayak Combo Dive

  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Price: R1200
  • Certification: Open Water One
  • Kayaking experience will enhance your enjoyment

We offer additional and various other shore-entry dives such as A-Frame, Millers Point and the Clan Stuart wreck.

3. A-Frame

  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Price: R900
  • Certification: Open Water One

4. SS Clan Stuart Wreck

  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Price: R900
  • Certification: Open Water One

2 HOURS 16-18+ age Cape Town, South Africa PRICE: From R800 per

Seaforth Kelp Forest Safari

From our Shark Warrior Adventure Centre we will kit up and walk down to the beach, we will then have a gear check and a dive briefing before heading out for our fun dive where you will discover the enchanting kelp forests and the life they support such as seals, penguins, gully sharks, and much more.

Seal Kayak Combo

Starting from our Shark Warrior Adventure Centre get ready for adventure. The seal dive consists of a fun paddle in our Fluid sit on sea kayaks. This paddle will allow you to experience the water from above with a short paddle out to Ark Rock, which will be our dive location. From there we will kit up in water and have a fun dive with Cape Fur Seals.


Starting from our Shark Warrior Adventure Centre, you will collect your gear and then we will drive to the dive site, which is 5 minutes away. This is one of the best-known shore-entry dive sites of False Bay. A short walk to the waters edge and a quick descent into the magical kelp forests where we will swim underwater to the famous underwater swim through cave.

SS Clan Stuart Wreck

Starting from our Shark Warrior Adventure Centre, you will collect your gear and then we will drive to the dive site, which is 5 minutes away. This is an easy shore entry wreck dive – short walk down to the beach and an easy swim to the wreck that lies close to shore.

Meeting point is at our PADI Centre, Shark Warrior Adventure Centre, situated on the waters edge at Seaforth, Simonstown in False Bay.



Seaforth Kelp Forest Safari

This site has very easy and protected beach entry and a small cove with sandy bottom that is suitable for training exercises, while also having a varied topography, diverse ecology and large area.


5 – 11 meters.


Sandy bottom with large granite outcrops and boulders, some with very high relief, extending from flat sand to near or above the surface.In this area there are lots of small boulders which provide shelter for a variety of invertebrates and fish.Off shore it gets deeper quite suddenly over rocky ledges, and drops down to sand bottom which continues all the way to Ark Rock.

This area expands from the Harbour wall all the way to Penguin Point (Boulders Beach). This is a pristine and more sheltered area with natural safety barriers covering most of the length, this creates a beautiful kelp forest with an abundance of marine life.

Marine Life

A wide variety of invertebrate and fish species may be found at this site. Examples are as follows; Shy Sharks , Pyjama catsharks, Spotted Gully sharks,Marble Rays, Red Roman, Klipfish, Yellow belly Rock-Cod, Abalone, HotnTot, Strepies. Keep in mind this dive takes place in a Kelp Forest which is the main attraction.


Seal Kayak Combo – Noahs Ark/Ark Rock (Kayak)

The large rock at the site is marked on the SA Navy charts as “Noah’s Ark”, and is commonly referred to by local divers as “Ark Rock”. It lies 550 m off shore. This is the biggest rock close offshore in the Simon’s Town area, and it is unmistakable as a landmark.


6 – 15 meters.


This is a huge flat topped granite boulder standing on even larger granite outcrop which extends above the sand level. The exposed rock is about 55m long from east to west and 30m from north to south. Mostly sheer sided with small overhangs and some deep crevices. The bottom is sand, sloping very gradually from about 10m at the south of the rock to about 8m.There are a few pinnacles around the main rock, including one to the west, and at least two to the south. The small pinnacle about 12m to the west of the main rock rises to quite close to the surface and is topped by kelp.

Marine Life

There is a band of Black mussels and barnacles around the rock to about 1m below surface, then Red-bait on deeper surfaces. The vertical surfaces and overhangs are heavily encrusted with organisms typical of the area, and include sponges, crinoids, ascidians, sea cucumbers, hydroids and sea fans. This location is very diverse, with a small colony of Cape Fur Seals on top of the rock that love to join in and swim.



The site was named for a wooden tripod navigation beacon which has now been replaced by a simple post.


The bottom is generally from 5 to 10m deep on the sand.


Sand bottom with bedrock reef and big boulders, some breaking the surface. There are a few swim-throughs among the boulder groups north of the big rock. The big rock is pretty sheer on the south face, with a few deep crevices and overhangs.

Marine Life

The sessile fauna in the swim-throughs and overhangs is very colourful. There are a lot of anemones, sponges and crinoids. Black mussels patches on the sand bottom further out may support large groups of Spiny starfish. The outer reefs have large numbers of Common feather stars and smaller numbers of Elegant feather stars. Perlemoen (abalone) seem to be making a recovery, with numbers of small specimens scattered around the reefs. There is a wide variety of habitats with a wide range of inhabitants.



SS Clan Stuart Wreck

The “SS Clan Stuart”, a 3500 ton British turret steamer carrying a cargo of coal, ran aground after dragging its anchor in a South East gale on 21 November 1914. Several efforts were made to re-float the ship over a period of 4 months, but without success. The ship’s engine block still breaks the surface.


Maximum depth is about 9m, average about 7m


The wreck lies in fairly shallow water (about 8m) The area is mostly fine sand with occasional low sandstone outcrops. The iron structure of the wreck has become very broken up over the years. A section of the triple expansion steam engine framework structure extends above water, with the low pressure cylinder mountings to the south west. The crankshaft, connecting rods and propeller shaft with large cast iron propeller are still in place. There appear to be the remains of a condenser on the port side of the engine. Just forward of the engine are the remains of the two coal-fired scotch boilers. Both have been dislodged from their mountings, and are lying on their sides with the cylindrical furnaces lying one above the other. The walls have rusted through in places and the tie-rods are clearly visible The wreck lies at about 45° to the shoreline. The bow at the north east end is about 30m from the engine block and is the deepest part at about 9m.

Marine Life

Moderate variety of invertebrates and fish. The growth inside includes more corals and bryozoans than the outside, which is predominantly covered by Red bait and coralline algae, right down to the sand. Pyjama catshark, puffadder shysharks and occasional cuttlefish may be seen.

  • All equipment provided
  • Experienced PADI Instructor as guide
  • Transfer from Dive Centre to dive site and return
  • Free Wi-Fi at the shop

Transport to and from Shark Warrior Adventure Centre (shuttles from Cape Town can be arranged on request), meals and refreshments.


Dives are offered all year round, 7 days a week and are weather and visibility dependent.


2019 prices = from R900

Payment Options: Book online or credit cards payments at the Shark Warrior Adventure Centre on arrival.


Sunblock, sun hat, swimming costume, towel, water-proof camera, snacks, water bottle.